Are you starting a home renovation project and aren’t sure what to do with all the junk? Renting a dumpster is a great way to get rid of your mess once and for all.

If you are planning on getting a dumpster for your junk removal project, you may want to consider how big or small your project is.

If your project is large, like renovating your house, you may want to consider renting a dumpster. Renting a dumpster can have a huge impact on your clean up project. It allows you to throw away large items like a couch or table. Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, including 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yards. You will want to place your rental dumpster in a convenient location on your property for easy access. For pick up time, you can schedule a time and date for the operator to pick up the rental dumpster.

A junk removal service will help with everything including estate cleanouts, spring/fall foliage cleanup, construction & demolition debris and general rubbish removal. The difference between obtaining a cheap dumpster rental and hiring a junk removal service is that the latter does all the work for the client.

The process of renting a dumpster and a junk removal service are quite similar. They simply involve calling and making an appointment. The cost of hiring a junk removal service is determined by the amount and type of waste to be removed. The company should send a representative as soon as one calls them and they will assess the waste and provide a free quote.

A rental dumpster accommodates both smaller and bigger junks of debris and garbage so that you can do your bit for mother earth and dodge municipal fines.

One of the most critical factors for consideration when you rent a dumpster is their size. It directly affects dumpster prices– bigger dumpsters are costlier than smaller ones. Also, it would be prudent to always go for one size up from what you need to avoid overloading.

The dumpster size one settles upon depends on the size of debris they have to collect and dispose of. Oblong-shaped items such as wood scrap will quickly fill up the container. On the other hand, things like dirt, rock, or concrete will significantly drive up the weight of the barrel.

The most important aspect, when you rent a dumpster, is usually coming to a price agreement. Dumpster rental pricing needs to be transparent and fair. During your first call with a dumpster rental agency, you should get an accurate estimate before proceeding any further. Dumpster prices depend on the rental period, size of the container, and weight of the waste, among other factors.

It would be wise first to establish how long you will be using the dumpster before you place the call. Ideally, one should have a dumpster ready from day 1 of their project. It also follows that the same should be picked up immediately at the end of your project to minimize costs. Then again, sometimes dumpster rental services allow for an extended period of use. This flexibility enables you to use the dumpster for as long as your project takes, or for the longer, it takes to fill up.

When you rent a dumpster, a you can opt for a flat rate or variable rate agreement. Flat rates demand adherence to the initially agreed-upon trash weight and type. With this type of contract, one would pay upfront for dumpster rental, delivery and pickup fees, taxes, and dumpsite charges.

With a variable rate, one might end up paying more or less. The final dumpster rental price depends on the weight/ volume utilized and the trash type. It could be more if you exceed the weight limit or less if your waste falls below the set limit.

Dumpster rental companies enforce weight limits to regulate the bulk of the load they have to haul away. If you exceed the set limit, transportation of the dumpster becomes challenging. You might, therefore, have to pay higher dumpster prices as a result.

Just as there are restrictions on weight dumpster providers also have guidelines on what wastes you can dump in the containers. Banned items might include hazardous industrial materials, batteries, or refrigerants.

One of the most significant issues facing the environment is the improper disposal of junk and garbage. A dumpster service is an excellent way to help the environment. Have you ever seen the trail of items that fall out of the garbage truck after the cans are dumped or news stories about illegal dumping of items? Dumpster rentals are an environmentally friendly method of handling your items.

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