SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WHSM) — Many people are taking advantage of this time at home by purging or maybe taking on a home renovation project.

Rentals of home containers — those large dumpsters — are on the rise.

Western Mass News spoke with the owner of one such company in western Mass who’s thankful for the increased business and his staff.

Roll-off dumpsters from USA Hauling & Recycling are popping up everywhere these days.

One of USA’s owners, Frank Antonacci, told Western Mass News calls are coming in daily.

“We do hear a lot of people who are doing those projects that were maybe on the back burner or were planning on getting to later in the summer, and they’re pushing that forward while they’re home to get a jump start on home renovation and clean-outs,” Antonacci said.

He said customers are cleaning out everything except for what is not allowed inside one of these giant containers.

“No household hazardous waste, no car batteries, no ashes, no fuels, no oils, kind of all those things you’d say, ‘You know what, I don’t think I should put this in there.’ That’s probably a good initial smell test for it,” he said.

With so many changes and cutbacks during the pandemic, Antonacci said the extra business comes at a good time for the company and its employees.

“Their hours and everything have decreased as well over the last three weeks as well, so to be able to keep our people working and getting the hours and the work that they need to be able to support their families has been really important to us,” Antonacci said.

USA Hauling & Recycling also provides residential trash pickup using a fully automated system so collectors do not need to handle the contents or the bins. That end of the business is also seeing a bump in business.

“Residents who typically might have brought their trash on a weekly basis to transfer stations or dumps, a lot of people are using this as an opportunity to sign up for our services so that they no longer have to bring their trash to those facilities, kind of furthering the social distancing guidelines,” Antonacci said.

Western Mass News checked into prices throughout western Mass for a roll-off container or dumpster rentals. The range found was between $250 and $750 depending on time and size.